Press Release

Press Release:
November 16,2020- Outdoor Grips LLC’s President Aaron Techlin is pleased to announce their move from being a product design firm for the sporting goods industry to becoming a manufacturer of completed fishing rods. “I always envisioned our company creating, developing and patenting products with the sole purpose of licensing them. While I believe that every company should have a business plan to succeed, it also needs to be able to adapt to a rapidly evolving industry that refuses to wait for your products. Staying ahead of the industry trends and creating new ones are what Outdoor Grips is all about.”
The company’s flagship product, the JigRipper® and the success of the Revolution Reel Seats® have set the pace for companies worldwide to take a serious look at the way fishing trends are evolving OG’s first business transition has been the development of their own fishing rod line. Techlin stated that “the fishing rod industry has been stagnant over the past several years… while several rod manufacturers have boosted their sales with our new reel seat designs, it’s our turn to make our mark on the industry by listening to what the fishermen want and providing them with a rod that will far out perform its price point. We will sell direct online and whole sale to retailers and will have rod designs for not only the musky industry but also for bass, walleye, catfish, inshore and the ice fishing industry as well.” Techlin plans on starting his distribution in the Midwest and expanding nationwide starting in the spring of 2021.
“We have developed an exciting new reel seat for the spinning rod/ice fishing market and our new rods will be the amongst the first to have them. The spinning rod and its lack of ergonomic feeling has been ignored long enough and it’s our turn to show the industry what it’s been missing.” Techlin also added that the new design will be held just like the traditional spinning rod is currently held, with the exception of a new and improved reel seat supporting the anglers hand ergonomically. It’s truly an exciting time for the fishing industry and with a company like Outdoor Grips, anglers around the globe can rest assured that they will not stop innovating and making better products for them.