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We’ve avidly fished for many years. Yet some days we would get off the water and could hardly move our upper bodies! Fun as it was, reeling in the big game fish was taking a physical toll. Does this sound familiar? Tired of fishing with pain and discomfort? We were too! We said to ourselves, “There has to be a better, more comfortable way to catch BIG fish!” So we went to work, developing prototypes in our garage about four years ago, testing and redesigning until we came up with the perfect solution: The JigRipper, fishing rod and net handle grip.

Made by big game fishermen for fellow enthusiasts, this big game fishing tool is first in its class to offer a more ergonomic, pain-free, practical way to fish longer and faster with less fatigue. This finely engineered fishing pole accessory is the perfect solution for catching BIG fish in freshwater or saltwater. The fishing grip handle comes in both synthetic and cork handle styles. New and experienced fishermen and women will appreciate how this unique fishing pole tool provides maximum action and leverage with less effort. Our specialty fishing rod system delivers results without taking a toll on your body. That means more quality fishing time for you!

While the JigRipper makes recreational fishing more enjoyable, it’s proven superb for saltwater and deep sea fishing applications. This ergonomically designed tool has proven its value in the saltwater market as it continues to help anglers worldwide put more fish in the boat and in the net. Not all fish fight fair! The JigRipper creates leverage beyond belief, allowing the angler to jig or retrieve a bait with less fatigue than conventional fishing. The JigRipper has been a dominant tool in the saltwater jigging application where high productivity without injury counts.

Fishermen deserve a fishing buddy like the JigRipper. For work or play, it’s a friend you can count on to provide ultimate fishing enjoyment for years to come.

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    Outdoor Grips is the World Wide leader in product development for The fishing and hunting industry.
    Outdoor Grips line of innovative products are made for the average sportsman and professional.
    Our stand alone designs create a more comfortable experience for the angler.
    The JigRipper tm and Revolution Reel Seats outperform every other reel seat or ergonomic fishing tool on the market.
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    Outdoor Grips is expanding globally as our products have made an impact with anglers throughout the world!
    Future Forecast
    Outdoor Grips is creating countless products to enhance your outdoor experience! Stay tuned for future product releases!