Glen Gothard

The JigRipper works great!

Vero Beach FL


"Bought three of these after seeing a presentation at a Musky Road Rules. I cast large baits hours on end and by the end of the day my hand would have spasms and my wrist would be killing me. I've been using these grips for about a month now with my longest casting day being about eight hours. My hand and wrist felt fine after that long day.  Great product, well worth the money.  I'm thinking of trying the cork handle if I get a chance." - Les Lyons

"Awesome product! This is an absolute must-have for anyone who jigs for muskies. I messed up my wrist jigging early in the season a couple years back and never fully recovered until that off-season several months later. That winter I picked up a Jig Ripper and haven't had any issues since. An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure!" -Robert G. Parteka
"Very good tool to have on your rods for those long days on the water." - Jason Smith
"From fighting fish to fighting fatigue the Jig Ripper is one of the best innovations to the fishing industry.  It is must have for every musky fisherman!"  -Gregg Thomas.  Battle the Beast guide service